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About Us

Production is in accordance with SASO 2752/2008. We have participated with the Saudi Organization for Standardization, Metrology and Quality (SASO) in the development of specifications for insulated aluminum panels in 2008. 

The Technopanel Factory was established in 2006. The first commercial production for the domestic and overseas markets started in 2007. The Panel Technology Factory is the first factory to receive the Saudi SASO quality mark.


A2 (FR-PE) Fireproof

A highly efficient product that has the ability to stop the spread of flame and reduce the emission of smoke, it acts as an insulating barrier for heat transfer and penetration, as it decomposes into particles in the event of high temperatures and stops the spread of flame.

B1 (FR-PE) Fireproof

A high performance product consisting of two sheets of excluded aluminum insulated with a layer of low-density plastic halogen-free and suitable for use in cladding the outer and inner walls of buildings under renovation which are designed to reduce the risk of structural fire and have the ability to limit the spread of intense flame for a specified period and reduce smoke And delay the transfer of heat through it.

(LDPE) Not Fireproof

Low-density plastic thermally manufactured from petroleum that does not have a reaction at normal temperatures except by a strong oxidizing agent, as it withstands temperatures up to 80 degrees Celsius continuously and to 95 degrees Celsius for a short period manufactured in a transparent or opaque shape. Differences are to a large extent very flexible Stiff but breakable.
We use unique, custom-built tools to give us the edge

We provide the required sizes according to the design of the project and use the latest cutting tools to ensure better results

We can work on the process of emptying the panels according to the required design so that they are properly installed on the wall

Forming the panels is the most important part of the design so we care to shape the features properly and in compliance with the requirements of the distinctive design


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